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Water quality for large geographical regions Chl-a QL
Example of a Chl-a map for the  Western Indian Ocean Mozambique
June 04, 2020 Example in GIS portal

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SAR detected shoreline - Beira, Mozambique (2019)

Ratio of average is a local method used to detect edges within a 9x9 kernel (a small subset of data) within the median filtered SAR image. This delineates linear features, kept here in raster format. Sentinel images were preprocessed via SNAP which included the following. Calibration, Speckle filtering, Terrain correction and masking between land and water. This dataset is in the early stages of development and is unvalidated. Semi-automatic shoreline detection produced from a median of 31 Sentinel-1 SAR images from 2019. Mozambique 20190101 - 20191230 Beira map (PDF, 3.4MB)

GIS data (TIF, 460MB)

Metadata (XML, 9KB)
Median SAR image Inhaca-ponta, Mozambique

TBD Mozambique TBD Inhaca-ponta Map (PDF, 6.1MB)

GeoTIFF/GIS data (505.4MB)
Shoreline Inhaca-ponta, Mozambique TBD Mozambique Shoreline maps with estimated locations for high and low water lines. GeoTIFF/GIS data (505.4MB)
Median SAR image Inhambane, Mozambique

TBD Mozambique TBD GeoTIFF/GIS data (486.0MB)
Shoreline Inhambane, Mozambique

TBD Mozambique TBD GeoTIFF/GIS data (486.0MB)